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Another ’76?

It’s coming! Or, as some weather junkies say, it’s back!

Though our class was not around in 1976, those of us from Indiana and the Midwest likely have heard our folks talk about the “Blizzard of ’76.” At this moment the National Weather Service has described this week’s winter storm as “catastrophic,” affecting “over one-third of the U.S. population.”  Some have said this storm will be remembered much like that one a few decades ago.

On this subject: Remember those days at Wabash when we thought the College must cancel class (?). Nope. Doesn’t happen.Lecture by candlelight if it get’s the Wabash job done.

We’re left to wonder – will this be our ’76? Will we tell our kids, nephews, or nieces about this storm when they gripe about 2 inches of snow?


NCAC Champs!

The Wabash Indoor track and field team scored 7 – yes, SEVEN – number ones to win the NCAC relay championship. Check out the story at Wabash’s website.

Eric Eder Sent This Along

Just received some good words from Eric Eder:

“I graduated and was left unemployed and moved home to Texas after a month of bouncing from couch to couch in Indiana. I took a job as an office “hey-boy” for an oil and natural gas company in Fort Worth. I knew that the Petroleum industry would be neat, but it was not my cup of tea. I turned down a job in Midland and enlisted as a Religious Program Specialist in the United States Navy.

After proposing to my college sweetheart, Rachel Wolff (DePauw Class of ’06), on New Year’s Eve 2008, I left for bootcamp in February 2009.

Read more!

A Note from Pat Smith

Received an update note on former editor-in-chief of The Bachelor, Patrick Smith. Here’s what Pat said:

“I’m in my last semester of law school at Indiana University Maurer School of Law, in Bloomington. I am the senior production editor on the Federal Communications Law Journal, which isn’t nearly as fun as the Bachelor was. I’m starting the job search, which is more search than job these days.”

Congrats, Patrick! Hopefully soon the situation will be “no search, all job.”


Alumni Art Exhibit

On Friday, January 21, the Art Deparment is hosting an “invitational” art exhibit. That mean alums who are talented in one of the fine arts will be back on campus to display their works. Great idea, Professor Huebner.

Our own Dan Gillespie is taking part in this exhibition. If you’re around Crawfordsville and have an interest in art. Go check it out. For more information visit College’s website.

For those that cannot attend the reception Friday evening, don’t worry. The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

2 Words: “senior comps”

We don’t have to ask ‘remember when?’ on that one.

This past week, the class of 2011 wrapped up their oral comps. Regardless of the eternal “D1 classes versus D2 classes versus D3 classes” squabble, I think we can say that we’re glad those days are behind us.

While some things in our lives may have greater significance than our comps, remember that they were no small undertaking. If you can get through capstone exams like we did, don’t sell yourself short on other challenges.

Besides, how often will you get asked questions like “Provided that there are scientific laws, are there historicist laws, or laws produced by historical trends?”

If you’re following this blog from time to time and find this post, let’s hear what your most memorable comp moment was. Did you have 3.00 a.m. runs to the Quickmart? How about early morning rushes to Diggers? Random trips to Wal-Mart or hitting up the dollar menu at Wendy’s? Scared stiff or suppressed memories?


‘Bash Your Car

Not too long ago, the College announced a new license plate.

Those alumni that voted chose a new design for the n ext generation Wabash license plate. It’s a pretty nifty “W” design.

That theme seems to be one that’s picking up steam. If you’d like one, head on over to the special on the  Wabash website.

We’ve pasted an image of the new design in this post. The plate idea is a great twofer: (1) you can ‘Bash your car and (2) you can donate toward the College. Pretty good deal.