Kick-Off Post!

A new year. A new website. Why not, right? That’s what we thought.

This post marks the first of what will be many from the 2008 Class Agents. Expect to discover information wired in from the College. Don’t be surprised to read posts from guests, including classmates and folks from Wabash. Look forward to updates from guys from our class. You might even find a random tidbit floating around once in a while.

What’s with the name? Well, if you’re on this site, you are probably one of us – an ’08 graduate from Wabash. “Scarlet Banner” is a phrase that invokes a nostalgia to our college days. It’s in our lore, it’s the color of arms, and it’s in both our Alma Mater and fight song. What better way to name a blog concerning Wabash College than by pulling its name from the annals of Wabash history.

If you see changes on this site as time progress, don’t be surprised. This blog is a work in progress and is what we’ll call “living.” That is, we will be updating, changing, editing, adding, deleting, and a’fixing things to it regularly.


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