2 Words: “senior comps”

We don’t have to ask ‘remember when?’ on that one.

This past week, the class of 2011 wrapped up their oral comps. Regardless of the eternal “D1 classes versus D2 classes versus D3 classes” squabble, I think we can say that we’re glad those days are behind us.

While some things in our lives may have greater significance than our comps, remember that they were no small undertaking. If you can get through capstone exams like we did, don’t sell yourself short on other challenges.

Besides, how often will you get asked questions like “Provided that there are scientific laws, are there historicist laws, or laws produced by historical trends?”

If you’re following this blog from time to time and find this post, let’s hear what your most memorable comp moment was. Did you have 3.00 a.m. runs to the Quickmart? How about early morning rushes to Diggers? Random trips to Wal-Mart or hitting up the dollar menu at Wendy’s? Scared stiff or suppressed memories?



2 responses to “2 Words: “senior comps”

  • Kyle McClammer

    I remember 2 things: legitimately thinking I was going to puke on the mall on the way back to the Beta house, and wishing I had taken Bert Barreto for microeconomics because he clearly wrote that part of the exam.

    On the bright side, there’s no way the bar exam will be on Bert’s level.

  • Jared Lange

    I remember Math Professor, Mr.Poffald didn’t even show up to my Oral Comps. I was so nervous and had to wait for an hour only to reschedule. Also, my at large Professor never participated before and started asking me questions in French!!

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