Another ’76?

It’s coming! Or, as some weather junkies say, it’s back!

Though our class was not around in 1976, those of us from Indiana and the Midwest likely have heard our folks talk about the “Blizzard of ’76.” At this moment the National Weather Service has described this week’s winter storm as “catastrophic,” affecting “over one-third of the U.S. population.”  Some have said this storm will be remembered much like that one a few decades ago.

On this subject: Remember those days at Wabash when we thought the College must cancel class (?). Nope. Doesn’t happen.Lecture by candlelight if it get’s the Wabash job done.

We’re left to wonder – will this be our ’76? Will we tell our kids, nephews, or nieces about this storm when they gripe about 2 inches of snow?


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