Attracting the Best

When I signed up for Wabash College my senior year of high school, a lingering thought in my head was “It’s only 4 years. If being at an all-male school in the middle of nowhere is tough, at least it’s only 4 years.”  Sometime during my sophomore or junior year, I asked myself “What the heck do professors tell themselves when they sign up?”

Wabash College is known as a tough academic institution.  Without terrific professors, that reputation would be unsustainable.   Thanks to the generosity of Professor Placher, and the upcoming generosity of alumni who will donate to the Challenge of Excellence (are you included in that?), the College just recently announced the William C. Placher Fund for Faculty Support.  One major way it will be used is to bring in top-notch faculty to continue our tradition of outstanding academics.

We’re interested to know – who was your favorite Wabash professor and why?



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