from Mark Ellis

Received an update from brother Mark Ellis:

“We all left in May of 2008 to go our separate ways.  I took my chances with Wells Fargo Financial, down in Bloomington, IN.  Without getting into too much detail or bashing of a specific company, that situation didn’t go well for a Wabash Man.  A couple others can say the same thing.

I quit in the fall of 2009 and began doing odd jobs until January 2010.  In January I started taking classes so that I could apply to dental school, and the classes were necessary because I did not have any of the pre-requisites needed to apply.  This was completely a pipe dream, and I was in such a low place with The Fargo that I didn’t know where to go.  I went back to school.  2010 spring, summer and fall were all lined up.  I got to the fall semester and was approached by a close friend about joining his company.

I withdrew from IUPUI and accepted a job at Color House Indy.  Color House is a painting company that my buddy started (coincidentally he is a dentist), and he asked me to run it.  I start in about a month full-time.  My job will be sales and marketing for the company, and whatever else might be needed.

That’s the basis of everything that has been going on in my life.  My family is doing really well, and I still stay in contact with a ton of Wabash guys.

Wabash Always Fights,

-Mark ”



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