Greg Longo…

Here’s an update from brother Greg:

“After graduating, I began a MS/PhD program in psychology at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.  Starting up at a school that had about 30,000 students was strange enough, but what took even more time to adjust to was immediately beginning teaching 3 classes of 40 undergraduates as a part of my assistantship.  I understood that I would be doing this when I got accepted to the program, but it still is quite a bit different teaching people who were still in what I considered to be my peer group.

I taught introductory psychology recitation sections for my first year, advanced developmental psychology lab my second year, and once I finished up my masters last year I began took over as the introductory psychology coordinator.  In this position I don’t teach much, but deal am in charge of a class that has about 1200 students, 2 sections, 2 PhDs teaching, 14 graduate assistants, and 30 recitation sections.  Believe me, it was odd the first time I gave a final exam in a room with all 1200 students in it at once.
As I mentioned, I completed my master’s degree last spring, and am in the process of working on my preliminary examination – the last hurdle before the dissertation begins.
To be very brief, I will be writing on the development of religiousness in individuals, and how social and personal factors influence this development.  Currently the plan is to finish the prelim this semester, then next year finish up the PhD.  Not that I want any of the great psychology professors at Wabash to retire or move elsewhere, but I would love to come back at some point and teach at Wabash.
Most importantly, as you can see in the picture, we have a great time before, during, and after all football games (except James Madison).  While the intensity here is pretty astounding for a large school, even games against UVA are nothing like Wabash games, which I noticed in particular when I came back for the Bell Game this last year.”

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