Jared Lange

A note from another Brother:

“Going into the real world is hard enough, on top of graduating during one the worst economic times America has seen makes it all the much harder.

All of us experienced the shortage of jobs. Needless to say, three years later I truly believe all of us have come out on top, more experienced and ready to take on new endeavors.

I traveled West to Colorado when I first left campus. I worked for an alumnus whom I had an intership with the year before as a Frieght Broker. Between a handful of us we were responsible for the logisitcs of watermellon and cantaloupe delievered to Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club Distribution Centers throughtout America. This line of work is more seasonal and I only stayed with the alumnus, Erik Ness, for about 6 months. To this date he has hired numerous other current students and alumni to work for him, but I am lucky to say I was the first!

So, six months later I am in the same boat as when I first left Wabash, UNEMPLOYED, but this time 1000 miles away from home.

After a couple months of looking I found a wonderful opportunity. I was hired to work for Crothall Services Group, a company contracted out by hospitals to provide support services. I began working at the Denver Children’s Hospital, taking part in the company’s first Manager in Training Program.

I would learn everything there is to know about Patient Transportation within a hospital. Briefly, just imagine the quicker you can transport a patient in a quick and compfortable manner from Point A to Point B the quicker another patient can be seen by a doctor and admitted into a room.

With the uncertainty of the Heatlth Reform on the horizon and possibilities of numerous cutbacks, the healthcare industry is holding everyone accountable and investigating all opportunities for revenue enchacement.

Four months after my work at Denver, I received a promotion.

This took me to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, Arkansas. What a night and day experience to move from Colorado to Arkansas!! Everyone there loved their Razorbacks and barbeque. At any given moment there was only two alumnis in the Rock as I liked to call it, inlcuding myself.

Eventually, I would receive another promotion 13 months later and move to Tampa, FL and become the Assistant Director at University Community Hospital. I have been here for about one month starting up a new account and hope to add on another within the next six months.

So, three years later I have been from Indiana, to Colorado, to Arkanasas, and now to Florida. I hope to stay put for a while. I truly miss Indiana and Wabash…

…but then I remember the weather, expecially the snow.”


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