Note from PJ Smith

A word from Brother PJ Smith about life at Wabash and now:

“As a student at Wabash College, I explored many a great opportunities to serve my fellow man. I was a member of the Junior Platoon Leader’s Class for the United States Marine Corps., a political science major, a javelin-thrower for the track and field team, a close friend and follower of cross country, a senior walk-on for the baseball team, and a volunteer manager for the football team. Wabash taught me, that in everything I do, to live following my passion and to serve others.

As a participant in various athletics and while training under the Marines, I discovered my passion for health and fitness and my desire to educate others about leading a healthy, active, and  fulfilling life. After graduating from Wabash  in 2008, I had my first book published, entitled Scarlet Saturdays, which documents the 2007 Wabash football season, my senior year in which I volunteered as a manager on the coaching staff. It was through that experience which I affirmed  my passion for working to serve others, especially athletes.

In fall 2008, I enrolled in the post-baccalaureate pre-medical program at Rockhurst University, a small Jesuit Catholic school in Kansas City, Missouri. It was there I met my a priest and chemistry professor by the name of  James D. Wheeler, or Father Jake, to those of  us who trained under him. He is now  88 years old, and in spite of having a heart surgery, two knee replacements, and even mild arthritis, he continues to exercise on weights every night. He asked me to join him in the gym when we first met, and so I did, and he put me through the most difficult exercise program I had ever known. I trained with him for 3 years as a student at Rockhurst. In  spring of 2010, I completed my science requisites.

This July, I passed  my  certification  exam  through  the  American  College  of   Sports  Medicine  in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I now  work  as a personal  trainer  at  L.A. Fitness  in  Indianapolis. I get to see a variety of different clients every day with different goals, and I take such  joy in being able to help them achieve it.  I also coach basketball at my church’s youth league at Christ the King Church and School.

I  love  my work. I love my play. The two, believe it or not, are one in the same. However, they never would have been  had I never followed my passion. I have Wabash College to thank for teaching me that lesson. To live each moment with joy, enthusiasm, and love for my fellowman and a grateful heart to my God, I live a life fulfilled.”


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