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Wally at The Wheel: Symposium Recap

Being a car buff doesn’t mean one can’t be a student of the liberal arts. Wabash displayed this full force with its symposium topic this year, the automobile.


Wabash FIJI #1 in Indiana

For those brothers who were members of the Phi Gam house, here’s some news specific to Psi Chapter.  It earned the top spot as the best undergraduate chapter in the state. Congrats to FIJI house!

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Read All About It

There have been some inspiring news stories coming from campus. Students give $25,000 to the College. sh’Out has its first student-alumni networking event. The Kaddish Series. Student celebration. The list goes on.

Plenty more recent stories. Read up at the College’s news portal. Also, be sure to checkout Wabash on Facebook (c) or Twitter (c) since the public affairs office sends out many stories through those networks.