Welcome!  Seeings how you’re looking at this site, chances are that you’re a 2008 graduate of Wabash College. If you are a brother from ’08, you’ll find this blog to be your go-to source for everything Wabash and all things Class of 2008. If you are not from our graduating class, feel free to browse the site and get familiar. We suspect some of you are moms or dads or spouses – you know, the Wabash family!

Whether a classmate or not, you can turn to this site for many layers of information. Topics generally will include:

  • a word from the 2008 Class Agents
  • happenings up/down/over at the College
  • reflections on Wabash as young alumn
  • upcoming events
  • campus news
  • updates and contact information for classmates

If you enjoy what you read or see, kindly let us know. This blog is a perpetual work in progress, as we strive to best bring Wabash College to you. Suggestions are always welcome – just send us an email or comment on this page below.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember, Wabash Always Fights!


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