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Wes Anderson

Brother Anderson, or should we say, Officer Anderson, has some very interesting stuff happening down in Tulsa, OK.

To accompany this story, here’s a video posted for the Tulsa Police Academy Class of 2011!

” In the Spring of 2008 as I was preparing for life after college and, even more difficult for me to wrap my mind around, without football, I signed up to go to a career fair with Scott Crawford and some classmates.  I had no idea what I wanted to do.  Four years of late nights in the armory doing math taught me that I definitely did not want to do math anymore.  I went to the career fair with an open mind.  My stepfather and I had had many discussions about my future.  He had done ROTC with the Navy and had talked to me about a possible military future.  I was very open to this, the idea of serving my country was something that appealed strongly to me.  My mother, on the other hand, was not so keen on that idea.  My father was also in the Navy, and the military lifestyle had taken the ultimate toll on their marriage, ending in divorce when I was four.  It was at her behest that I looked for other employment first.

At the career fair were booths from several different companies and professions. After a few cursory laps to see what, if anything, peaked my interest, I ended up at a booth for the DEA.  I was looking at the brochure and I remember seeing a picture of DEA Agents performing a raid and thinking, “Wow! That looks like fun….”   I began to talk to the person at the booth and found that the DEA, and most federal agencies for that matter, required a couple years of some law enforcement experience.  I was bummed, but decided to keep walking around.  Still to this day I do not know how it happened, but I ended up at this simple, quiet booth in the corner for the Mt. Prospect, IL. Police Department.

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Update from Jackson Price

Brother Price had a few words to say!

“It’s been a whirlwind year for me—busy, but very productive.  I graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law in May.  Literally the day after I walked across the stage to receive my diploma I started my bar review course.  For the next two months I watched the summer slip away, locked in my basement studying for the exam.  I took the North Carolina bar at the end of July and I can proudly announce that I just found out that I passed!  In October I will start working in the Charlotte office of Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice in the area of business litigation.

At the moment, I’m typing this from the balcony of my hotel in Sveti Stefan, Montenegro, overlooking one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen.  Studying for the bar might have robbed me of the majority of my summer, but with a little over two months between taking the exam and starting my job, I decided to get out of the country and have a bit of an adventure.  My girlfriend, Kati, and I are in the middle of a two-month backpacking trip across Eastern Europe.  We started in Prague and are slowly working our way down the Balkan Peninsula, culminating with a three-week tour of Turkey.  My pledgebrother Alex Loucks even came and met us in Prague for a week of traveling around the Czech Republic.  We’re doing it all—from soaking in the cave baths of Eastern Hungary to kayaking through sunken Roman ruins on the southern coast of Turkey.  A Slovenian monk even taught me how to open a bottle of champagne with a sword!  It’s been a great trip thus far and we still have a month left before having to enter the ‘real world.'”

Note from PJ Smith

A word from Brother PJ Smith about life at Wabash and now:

“As a student at Wabash College, I explored many a great opportunities to serve my fellow man. I was a member of the Junior Platoon Leader’s Class for the United States Marine Corps., a political science major, a javelin-thrower for the track and field team, a close friend and follower of cross country, a senior walk-on for the baseball team, and a volunteer manager for the football team. Wabash taught me, that in everything I do, to live following my passion and to serve others.

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A Brother’s Tragic Death

Wabash College, and the Class of 2008 in particular has had a tragic loss. We just received word that Tyler Potts has died from  injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident.

Thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Rest in Peace, Brother Potts.



Greg Longo…

Here’s an update from brother Greg:

“After graduating, I began a MS/PhD program in psychology at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.  Starting up at a school that had about 30,000 students was strange enough, but what took even more time to adjust to was immediately beginning teaching 3 classes of 40 undergraduates as a part of my assistantship.  I understood that I would be doing this when I got accepted to the program, but it still is quite a bit different teaching people who were still in what I considered to be my peer group.

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from Mark Ellis

Received an update from brother Mark Ellis:

“We all left in May of 2008 to go our separate ways.  I took my chances with Wells Fargo Financial, down in Bloomington, IN.  Without getting into too much detail or bashing of a specific company, that situation didn’t go well for a Wabash Man.  A couple others can say the same thing.

I quit in the fall of 2009 and began doing odd jobs until January 2010.  In January I started taking classes so that I could apply to dental school, and the classes were necessary because I did not have any of the pre-requisites needed to apply.  This was completely a pipe dream, and I was in such a low place with The Fargo that I didn’t know where to go.  I went back to school.  2010 spring, summer and fall were all lined up.  I got to the fall semester and was approached by a close friend about joining his company. Continue reading

Eric Eder Sent This Along

Just received some good words from Eric Eder:

“I graduated and was left unemployed and moved home to Texas after a month of bouncing from couch to couch in Indiana. I took a job as an office “hey-boy” for an oil and natural gas company in Fort Worth. I knew that the Petroleum industry would be neat, but it was not my cup of tea. I turned down a job in Midland and enlisted as a Religious Program Specialist in the United States Navy.

After proposing to my college sweetheart, Rachel Wolff (DePauw Class of ’06), on New Year’s Eve 2008, I left for bootcamp in February 2009.

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