Read All About It

There have been some inspiring news stories coming from campus. Students give $25,000 to the College. sh’Out has its first student-alumni networking event. The Kaddish Series. Student celebration. The list goes on.

Plenty more recent stories. Read up at the College’s news portal. Also, be sure to checkout Wabash on Facebook (c) or Twitter (c) since the public affairs office sends out many stories through those networks.


President White

Here’s a brief article worth reading on the triumphs and struggles of President White, and Wabash in general, since his arrival.  Thanks to Jim Amidon for all he does to better the College, and to Greg Castanias for posting on Facebook.



Happy New Year, gentlemen!  May 2012 be the best year yet since our days at Wabash!

Immersion Learning!

Here’s what it looks like circa 2011:

Click here and here for more!

“The Comback”

Wabash ALWAYS Fights! Here‘s the College’s story on today’s epic, err legendary, victory over North Central in Game 2 of Div III Football playoffs – – on to the quarterfinals!


Football Update

Just received word that Wabash will HOST North Central next Saturday in Game 2. Kick off at noon, and streamed online.

Post-Season 2011 Athletics Updates

Cross Country

Wabash scored a total of 419 points to finish in the top-20 for the second consecutive season. The Little Giants were 13th at last year’s race. North Central won the team competition for the second time in three years and 14th in history of the program. The Cardinals scored a total of 110 points. Several students finished very well. Read more.


First, here’s a bracket for Division III playoffs (it’s a web page). Second, and more importantly, Wabash beat Illinois College, standing 11-0. Here’s a recap. Notably, Game 2 pits Wabash vs. North Central. As of 11.50 PM Sunday, the NCAA hadn’t noted which team will have home field.